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Hermetic Fiber Optic Connectors

Introducing Solid Sealing Technology's new line of hermetic fiber optic adapters and multi-channel connectors. SST offers a high-temperature brazed construction to the zirconia ferrule and titanium connector components. A stainless steel weld adapter can also be included so these assemblies can be transitioned to stainless steel adapters.

All multimode hermetic optical feedthroughs utilize a precision zirconia ferrule terminated to a industry standard 62.5/125 multimode graded index optical fiber with PC polish. The single mode fiber feedthroughs utilize a higher precision zirconia ferrule and a 9/125 single mode fiber with UPC polish. (other core sizes available for both versions) The fiber is epoxied into the zirconia ferrule  and specifically cured to achieve the highest temperature rating while maintaining the highest hermeticity level. Each adapter is leak tested to 1 x 10-10 cc/sec He with a helium mass spectrometer. All assemblies are also optically tested prior to leaving the factory to ensure optical performance. Atmosphere and vacuum rated plugs and cables are also available for a total connectivity solution. Call SST for your specific requirement or your custom application.

Visit the Fiber Optic section under the Standard Parts tab for the latest configurations and specifications.

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