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Hermetic Fiber Adapter

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SST's line of hermetic fiber optic adapters and hermetic multichannel connectors utilize a precision zirconia ferrule terminated to 62.5/125 multimode or 9/125 single mode optical fiber with PC /UPC polish (Other fiber core sizes available upon request). The zirconia ferrules are high temperature brazed into mating metal hardware to provide the highest reliability seal. Each product is leak checked to < 1x10 -10 cc/sec He and optically tested before it leaves the factory to ensure performance.

Standard Fiber Optic Product Offering

  • Adapters mate with ST or FC standard connectors
  • UHV ST connector available: terminated or un-terminated
  • Multichannel connectors with vacuum compatible plugs
  • High vacuum shielded fiber optic cable available
  • Installation options include: CF,KF, and O-ring
  • Internal Pressure 1x10-10 Torr up to 2000 psig

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