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Pascal Technologies, Inc.
Solid Sealing Technology has appointed Pascal Technologies Inc. as its exclusive sales representative for the East Coast. Pascal Technologies is an 18 year old company located in Fredericksburg, Virginia with remote offices in the Northeast and Southeast United States. Pascal Technologies has a tremendous amount of experience in selling industry standard and custom designed vacuum feedthroughs, connectors, viewports, and other ceramic/metal assemblies

CEG, Center for Economic Growth, is a business-supported organization dedicated to developing and promoting regional efforts to attract high-tech talent and high growth companies and to provide innovative services to bolster local businesses. CEG continues to support SST in their efforts to become an industry leader in their global markets.

Benét Laboratories is the U.S. Army center of expertise for technology, design, development, engineering and production & field support for large caliber armament systems. Benet can also work with private industry through Cooperative Research And Development Agreements (CRADAs). SST has a CRADA with Benet Labs which provides expanded resources for material research, analysis, and processing as well as many other testing and engineering capabilities.

Arsenal Business and Technology Partnership
Its mission is to transform the site into a center for technological and business excellence with tenants in the coatings, advanced materials, biotechnology and engineering design business. SST is one of six manufacturing companies that currently participates in this technology partnership.

EP Crescendo®
EP Crescendo® is the comprehensive business management system from Efficiency Partners. Perhaps the most flexible and feature-rich standard software package available, EP Crescendo works to minimize total cost of ownership while delivering measurable business results across the widest array of industries and business processes. EP Crescendo provides organizations one solution to manage all core business segments. SST has customized the EP Crescendo modules for optimum results in the following areas: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Material and Capacity Planning, Customer Order Management , and Supply Chain Management.

Albany Nanotech
Albany NanoTech is a global research, development, technology deployment and education resource supporting accelerated high technology commercialization and job creation through leveraged partnerships between business, government and academia. Albany NanoTech at the University at Albany - SUNY serves as an integration point bringing together the nanoelectronics, nanosystems and nanophotonics technologies that will power the nanotechnology revolution. SST has close relationships with Albany Nanotech as well as many of their tenants who are industry leaders in the semiconductor market.

Nanotech Facility